Abroad Wedding

Carla Ruiz – 96528

Carla Ruiz – 96514

Carla Ruiz – 96456

Carla Ruiz – 96454

Carla Ruiz – 96534

Carla Ruiz – 96563

Carla Ruiz – 96579

Available in Black & White

Carla Ruiz – 96602

Condici – 70996

Veromia Dressed Up – DU355

Irresistible – IR4053SS20 Available in Navy, Cobalt and Fuschia

Ispirato – ISE823

John Charles – 26873

Kevan Jon – Bella F/B Knee

Kevan Jon – Loren Knee Dress

Also available in Navy

Kevan Jon – Queenie Peplum Knee

Available in Emerald & Yellow

Lizabella – LB2062-97

Veromia Occasions – VO5349

Ronald Joyce – 29467

Ella Boo – EB2894-47

Ella Boo -2894-40

Ella Boo – 2926-52

Ella Boo -2901-24

… I Just Want To Thank Jodie

“I am a regular customer at The Queen B. I find it very difficult clothes shopping and I just want to thank Jodie and her team for all support they have given me over the years and to help boost my confidence. They are always ready to help and are always so friendly. Many thanks, xx” – Jayne Case

… What Excellent Service & Advice I Received

What excellent service and advice I received today from Jodie and her team. I wasn’t sure, when I arrived, if I was looking for a complete outfit or whether I just wanted accessories to compliment the one I had already bought Obviously I thought I would be coerced into buying the whole lot but no not at all, after being questioned by Jodie why was I not happy with what I had she reassured me that it probably was the right outfit for me and my feeling that I had to look around was ungrounded (the outfit I had was the first one I’d seen and hadn’t looked anywhere else) My sister pointed one dress out to me which was ok but I had doubts but Jodie was honest enough to tell me it definitely wouldn’t suit my complexion so we decided on going for accessories instead . I wasn’t sure what colour so again Jodie gave suggestions and started with the headdress which I loved then proceeded to matching shoes and handbag there were 2 sets I couldn’t decide between and after a long time deliberating trying one then the other over and over (waiting for Jodie and her colleague to excuse themselves as I probably was getting on their nerves but they didn’t ) I made my selection So what I’m trying to say is if it’s patience, honesty and good advice from very pleasant staff you’re looking for then please visit the Queen B Boutique and to top it all their priced were much more reasonable than I expected (apologies to Jodie’s colleague for not getting your name ) Highly recommend . Thank you so so much – Chris Jones

… Great Experience

“The Great Jodie experience , I will always recommend this to everyone as they make you feel special just like a celebrity! Many thanks” –  Daniela Evans

… Honest Advice

“The personal honest advice for that perfect outfit for a special event 👍” – Alison Crabbe

… Wasn’t Disappointed!

“Visited Queen B on recommendation of friends, so probably had high expectations. I definitely wasn’t disappointed!
Whole experience was perfect, from the friendly welcome and expert advice, to the beautiful outfit I bought for my son’s wedding. I was able to get everything I needed, including hat and shoes and am delighted with my purchases. I would recommend anyone shopping for a special occasion to visit Queen B. Thank you!” – Fiona Williams