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Gabriella Sanchez - 7630 - Cobalt

Gabriela Sanchez

Explore the exquisite assortment of Mother of the Bride or Mother of the Groom dresses curated by Gabriela Sanchez, available at The Queen B. Elevate your presence at weddings and glamorous events with the impeccable Gabriela Sanchez collection. These dresses, known for their stylish and sophisticated appeal, are the ideal choice for those extraordinary moments. Highly sought after for mothers of the bride or groom, Gabriela Sanchez dresses from The Queen B seamlessly transition from day to evening, ensuring you radiate elegance throughout the celebration.

Gabriella Sanchez - 7769 - High Low
Gabriella Sanchez - 7779 - Available in Beige
Gabriella Sanchez - 7803 - Fuchsia
Gabriella Sanchez - 7697 - Unico
John Charles 66306 - Crepe / Lace applique - Ivory / Navy
John Charles 56319 - Dress a line skirt - applique and lace

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